Beginners Course

Want to try Yoga? Want to build a solid, strong foundation for your practice but have no idea where to begin? Perhaps you are a little overwhelmed by the number of studios, classes, teachers, languages, descriptions?

This block of 4 classes is designed especially for you! Laura will break Yoga down into manageable chunks. help you to explore what it is you love or are intrigued about this incredible, transformational practice.

Explore the movement, philosophy, styles, and language of Yoga.

Watch your practice flourish as your confidence grows.

This set of 4 classes is sold as a course (£40 secures your space on all 4 weekends) and each week the session is designed and formatted to build your understanding, confidence and love of Yoga.

Mat spaces are limited, so secure your space now.

Membership and Class Passes now online

You can now purchase Humble Warrior Memberships and Class Passes online.

Yoga should be a reward everytime you practice, so now you can treat yourself with the gift of Yoga by buying yourself 3, 6, 9, 12 or Unlimited classes in our beautiful Yoga space.

Once purchased you will have online access to book and manage your classes.

So book in for your first class for free, Become a member (£49 per month), Pay as you practice (£9 per class) or save money every time you come to class with our new Class passes.

3 Classes – £24
6 Classes – £45
9 Classes – £65
12 Classes – £84

Unlimited – £49 per month

Click here to purchase




First Class free!

Humble Warrior Yoga loves beginners as much as we love advanced yogis, and everything in between!

So have a free class on us, simply check out our timetable and click here to book your first class free!

If you don’t know your down dog from your up dog, or if you spend your life upside down in Adho Mukha Vrksasana, it doesn’t matter to us, we just want you to keep loving and growing your practice, keep loving and using our space!

See you on the mat Humble Warrior.

Foundation membership offer extended!

Our Unlimited Yoga, foundation membership costs just £39 each month, that’s the equivalent of 1 class per week, but in return you get unlimited Yoga, you can freeze and cancel the membership as and when you need, to get this limited offer email

Of course its limited edition, bespoke, hand made, everything about Humble Warrior Yoga is designed with one person in mind, You!

We have listened, asked, worked with our Yogis to build an offer that we think goes unrivalled.

We have 9 Mats per class.

We have 20+ Classes per week.

We have 200+ mat spaces each week waiting for you to fill them.

This great offer is a thank you, to all of those who have been with us from the start, so we are only offering a small number at this price. So what are you waiting for? email now to get unlimited Yoga and a limited edition membership!

Memberships and class passes coming soon!

Hi guys, We are excited to announce, that we will soon be able to offer you memberships, and class passes, theses offers will reduce the cost of coming to practice yoga with us at Humble Warrior Yoga, and will enable you to treat your friends and family to come practice with us too!

We will be emailing all of you on our mailing list soon with more details, but until then, all of our wonderful classes, with all of our wonderful teachers will remain open for you to book on via the book now button!