Memberships and class passes coming soon!

Hi guys, We are excited to announce, that we will soon be able to offer you memberships, and class passes, theses offers will reduce the cost of coming to practice yoga with us at Humble Warrior Yoga, and will enable you to treat your friends and family to come practice with us too!

We will be emailing all of you on our mailing list soon with more details, but until then, all of our wonderful classes, with all of our wonderful teachers will remain open for you to book on via the book now button!

2 Replies to “Memberships and class passes coming soon!”

  1. Hi, I havent done yoga for nearly 15yrs. I’m interested and would like to receive your price listing and times please.

    1. Hi, after 15 years away there is no better time to (re)start than now!

      We are offering your first class for free, so have a look through the schedule (click book now in the menu at the top) let me know which class you fancy coming to, drop me an email to and we will get you booked back in!

      You might enjoy pilates to get back into the swing of things!


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