Foundation membership offer extended!

Our Unlimited Yoga, foundation membership costs just £39 each month, that’s the equivalent of 1 class per week, but in return you get unlimited Yoga, you can freeze and cancel the membership as and when you need, to get this limited offer email

Of course its limited edition, bespoke, hand made, everything about Humble Warrior Yoga is designed with one person in mind, You!

We have listened, asked, worked with our Yogis to build an offer that we think goes unrivalled.

We have 9 Mats per class.

We have 20+ Classes per week.

We have 200+ mat spaces each week waiting for you to fill them.

This great offer is a thank you, to all of those who have been with us from the start, so we are only offering a small number at this price. So what are you waiting for? email now to get unlimited Yoga and a limited edition membership!

One Reply to “Foundation membership offer extended!”

  1. Hi Iain, thank you for a wonderful class today just what we needed.
    I’m planning to attend a class daily until we leave for France in a week or two and think a membership would be best for me but wasn’t sure if I can drop a month at a time as I’m all over the place at the moment.

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