Lockdown Timetable

Welcome to our Lockdown timetable.

We are introducing some new classes, with some new teachers.

All of our classes are included in our memberships, but if you currently pay as you go, or are new to Humble Warrior Yoga, why not treat yourself to an Online Class Pass.

Our online class passes are just £15 for a months access to all of our online classes.

Our online schedule

Hey Humble Warriors!

Welcome to our new online schedule, starting 06.04.2020 we will be broadcasting live on facebook with these classes.

These classes are included in your memberships, and if you arent a member you can buy access to these online only classes buy purchasing an online class pass here.

If you don’t use facebook, fear not! All of our live classes are also shown here, and can be rewatched here – make sure you are a logged in member or holder of an online class pass to view!

No Warrior flow Express 01/02/2020

Hi Guys,

Im afraid there wont be a Warrior Flow express class at 0830 on Saturday 01/02/2020 – Class will return next weekend.

I hope that this doesnt cause any of you an inconvenience and wish you all a restful weekend.

Dont forget we have our extended Ashtanga class with Laura on Sunday 02/02/2020 at 0900 – We have a coupe of mat spaces left so if you crave your Yoga this weekend, book in now!



Reasons to be cheerful, 123

Are you looking to start something new in the coming year and decade? There are many reasons to try Yoga. Whatever your resolve or intend for yourself in 2020, Yoga can help you achieve it.

Yoga is a practice which has proven physical and mental benefits, a quick google and you will be overwhelmed by fact based, and anecdotal evidence all in strong support of how Yoga makes positive changes on how you feel, and how you see yourself.

But more than an exercise, Yoga is also a place for you to feel treated, for you to feel supported as you reward yourself with some (probably) much needed and hard earned quiet time.

So this year, dont just take my word for it, have a quick google, have a quick read, and jump in to Yoga.


Come visit Humble Warrior Yoga, Lichfield’s cutest, most hand crafted and curated Yoga space.

Your first class is free, and we have class passes and memberships which will appeal to you.

But it will be a new found love of this truly transformative practice, in this special space that will keep you coming back.

So start one thing in 2020, and achieve all of your goals, better still, figure out what you realy want to change in 2020 as you give yourself some space and time to be with yourself on the mat.

New Year, New You?

As we enter 2020 its easy to take for granted the seismic shift that we are going through.

The ticking of the clock from 2019 to 2020 signals not only a new year, but also a new decade.

The end of one year, the start of a new, is always a time when we reflect on those things which that we want change, and its often a time when we feel pressured into making changes.

As we enter this new decade, be kind to yourself, stop comparing yourself to others, dont change things if they dont need to change, and stop beating yourself up for being less than enough.

At Humble Warrior Yoga, we are taking a different approach to helping you to become the best version of you in this coming year and decade. We will be using Yoga, Hypnosis, and Meditation to help build a state of self love, we will explore those things that we feel ready to release, we will ask our hearts to show us those things we truly want to change, and we will cement these intentions and carry them through softly into 2020.

So this year, work with intention and not resolution, start from a space of acceptance, love. Become the best verion of you by seeking change that serves you, not that which satisfies peer pressure.

Limited spaces for this set of 4 workshops are limited, so book your mat space now.

Christmas closing

The Studio will close after classes on Saturday 21st December and wil reopen on Monday 6th January 2020.

Humble Warrior Yoga wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas!

Class Change!

As from Monday 28th October our regular lunch time classes will be changing! Based on your feedback, we will be offering classes at 13:15 (an hour later than normal)

So join us on the mat, and if you have someone in your office or circle of friends who would enjoy 45 minutes of Yoga over their lunch break, treat them to their first class for free!

Uplift, Revive, Relax….

Ever wondered how you can get better sleep? Feel more awake? Feel relaxed or find something to help you destress?

Book here!

This workshop will teach you the basics of aromatherapy using Neal’s Yard Remedies.

This is hands on & practical workshop, will teach you about why we are attracted to certain essential oils and their properties and how we can layer the oils to create our own signiture blend!

Neal’s Yard Remedies essential oils are 100% pure organic, each oil has mood-enhancing abilities, these oils can help to uplift, relax and revive you.

If you are on any medication or you have asthma, epilepsy, or any skin conditions, then please consult your doctor or trained practitioner before booking onto this course.

We do not advise booking onto this course if you are pregnant.

Book your space now!

Free Yoga!

Ask us a question, we will give you an answer, ask us a favour, we will help however we can, ask us for more free yoga, we will jump at the chance!

So many of you wanted to come to our Open day, but either becuase your favourite class was full, or becuase you had other things you needed to do you weren’t able to come play with us, and that makes us sad….

So this week, all of our classes are free! no limits on how many you book, no sneaky booking or admin charges, just good old fashioned freeness.

So book now, bring a friend, heck, bring a whole bunch of buddies, come explore our studio, explore your bodies, come spend some time with yourself on the mat today (and tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that) and pay nothing, nada, zip.

P.S. You’re welcome.

Good things come to those who wait….

We were very pleased to (finally) collect the keys to our new studio space late last Friday evening, and we started working on the changes to the space as soon as possible!

The space we have found is beautiful, compact, cosy, and (will be a) very cool, chic space. There is a feeling of stillness and calm, which we know you are going to enjoy.

Just as we are continuing to work on the studio space, so we are still working on this website, we are incredibly proud of the website, not just a studio website, but a fully enabled class booking system hand built and designed to make every part of your journey to and with Humble Warrior Yoga exquisite.

Iain will be adding more updates to this page, and to Humble Warrior Yoga’s social media accounts as the opening day (06/07/2019) draws closer.

Remember to book your mat space now, we have decided that only those who have booked in advance will be able to practice with us, we wont have the facility to accept payments for classes in person, and being a small studio with a low number of mat spaces, we want to make sure that every mat is reserved and used!

Stay tuned Humble Warrior. Good things come to those who wait.