First Class free!

Humble Warrior Yoga loves beginners as much as we love advanced yogis, and everything in between!

So have a free class on us, simply check out our timetable and click here to book your first class free!

If you don’t know your down dog from your up dog, or if you spend your life upside down in Adho Mukha Vrksasana, it doesn’t matter to us, we just want you to keep loving and growing your practice, keep loving and using our space!

See you on the mat Humble Warrior.

Foundation membership offer extended!

Our Unlimited Yoga, foundation membership costs just £39 each month, that’s the equivalent of 1 class per week, but in return you get unlimited Yoga, you can freeze and cancel the membership as and when you need, to get this limited offer email

Of course its limited edition, bespoke, hand made, everything about Humble Warrior Yoga is designed with one person in mind, You!

We have listened, asked, worked with our Yogis to build an offer that we think goes unrivalled.

We have 9 Mats per class.

We have 20+ Classes per week.

We have 200+ mat spaces each week waiting for you to fill them.

This great offer is a thank you, to all of those who have been with us from the start, so we are only offering a small number at this price. So what are you waiting for? email now to get unlimited Yoga and a limited edition membership!

Autumn Timetable changes

We have just announced our Autumn 2019 timetable which you will find here.

There are a few changes  to the new timetable that you will notice. Kevin’s Pilates class has moved to a Monday at 1715 and we have also added more classes at 1730. This means you can come practice with us straight from the office and then spend your evenings doing what ever you need to uninterrupted. Alternatively stay and unwind further at our 2000 relaxing classes!

If you cant make the 1730 classes, we still have 1830 and 2000 classes for you to join!

You will notice we are adding a monthly  90 minute Ashtanga class to the timetable which will be led by Laura Clarke. Terrie Foster will be joining the team to run a Friday evening Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior class and then a 60 minute Yin class. Terrie wil also be running a monthly 90 minute Jivamukti open class. Iain and the team will be sure to remind you about these classes, but keep an eye on our schedule and book them ASAP. We anticipate all of these new classes being very popular!

We are always open to suggestions, and all of the changes that we have made to the new schedule have come from your feedback. So dont be shy, if you like or love something, please tell us! Similarly if we could be doing something better let us know!


How we do it

We are proud to be a smaller studio, all that we do focuses on you, we want you to feel special, to feel like we are a part of eachother’s your journey.

We provide you with everything you need to deepen your practice, We have changing facilities, free towels, reuseable bottles and cups to enjoy free, fresh, filtered water, small batch tea or rare & exotic coffee. You are free to bring your own mat, or use one of ours.

We want every Humble Warrior to have the same opportunity to use our studio, so we ask that you pre-book your mat space on our website, we dont have any way of accepting payment in the studio so we wont be able to allow you to practice if you havent booked.

Our spirit animal

By supporting and booking classes at Humble Warrior Yoga, you aren’t just supporting a small, independent Yoga studio you are also giving 1% of your class fee to the Born Free foundation, The humble elephant, inspired a lot of our decor, and even our logo! Majestic; strong; playful; purposeful and pensive, these beautiful creatures inspre our practice, and the studio ethos.

We think its about time we stopped taking our responsibilities to this planet and to the creatures we share it with so lightly, so dont just book your class, begin to practice yoga beyond the mat, help spread some good will, and be the change you want to see in the world.

working with

Who are we?

Iain is the lead teacher & owner at Humble Warrior Yoga, he is a graduate of one of the midlands finest yoga schools & is fascinated by the transformative power of Yoga, by its philosophy, by its history, and by its mystery.

Iain is joined on this Journey by Terrie Foster, and Kevin Jones, both inspiring, knowledgeable and welcoming teachers in their own right who cannot wait to share their stories, and your journeys with you as we establish, as we settle, as we develop and listen to your wants, our classs offerings, and our teachers will grow, if someone, or something has inspired you, speak up! this is your space.

What we do

We do Yoga, We do meditation, We do Pilates, Our practice is guided by Hatha, Vinyasa & Jivamukti schools, we work through postures and give our bodies and minds chance to reap the rewards of this strong, contemplative practice.

To be a Humble Warrior you don’t need to be strong, stretchy, or skinny, Yoga is for everyone, and is presented to you as a journey, so take the first step with us, See where we end our practice together.

Where we do it

Our Studio space is Nestled within the walls of 2 Ancient and listed buildings, Our floor is gently heated, our space is fresh and inviting, our teachers encouraging, and knowledgeable.

Overlooking Minster pool, and in the heart of the City with ample parking, we really feel like we have created something special, and we know you will too. So come join us for a session, be guided by your breath.

Why we do it

Iain found yoga in his thirties as a way to balance and control his anxieties, it quickly took over his life, practicing more, he began to delve into the ethereal edges of Yoga, became transfixed by breath-work and fascinated by Yoga’s ancient roots, stories and philosophies.

Through Yoga he found friends, supporters, and a new purpose as he became more deeply entwined with his practice. After a period of teaching in other studios, and having been encouraged to start plans for his own space by his students and mentors alike,  Humble Warrior Yoga was born.

Our Classes

  • £9

  • 45 mins

Lunch-break Warrior Express

Inspired by Hatha and Vinyasa Flows, Break from your workday, this express is designed to fire up your appetite.

This Strong Hatha/Vinyasa based class will set you up to smash your afternoon, make the shape, hold the pos

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  • £9

  • 60 mins

Wǔshì Warrior

Yin inspired, slow, restorative, as relaxing or challenging as you choose.

Indulge and challenge yourself, Wǔshì is the ancient Chinese word for "Warrior". In these classes we use blocks, bolsters, stra

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  • £9

  • 60 mins

Restful Warrior

Yin inspired class leading to a Yoga Nidra. Open the body, prepare the mind, find stillness. 

Soothing music, gently heated floor, Lavender eye pillows and more stillness and quiet than you knew you needed. come alo

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  • £9

  • 60 mins

Warrior Flow

This moderate to high intensity class is designed to get you flowing. Move through your breath, find your flow.

Challenge yourself physically and mentally as you resolve to find that grit and determination. Guided by our

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  • £9

  • 45 mins

Wake Up Warrior

Wake up, get out, get flowing, wakening, challenging, affirming. Start your day, the Warrior way.

An energising flowing class helping you to start your day in the best possible way, jump out of your favourite place (Your

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  • £9

  • 60 mins

Flow Foundations

Beginner or Guru, this class helps you explore the foundations of Yoga, perfecting your postures and deepening your practice. 

Learn to explore yoga beyond the poses, An essential class for anyone looking to discove

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  • £9

  • 60 mins


Looking to burn the belly? Challenge the core? Book this class now


Be guided through a mat based class which focuses on the deep core & stabilising muscles in a challenging yet safe way.


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  • £9

  • 90 mins

Monthly Ashtanga

Laura wil guide you skilfully through this dynamic, physically demanding practice.

Synchronise breath and movement to produce an internal heat designed to purify the body. Ashtanga yoga, with its many vinyasas, is great

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  • £9

  • 60 mins

Warrior Strong

A hatha based class designed to help you feel strong and confident!

Find the shape, hold the pose, challenge your body and mind! Steal back an hour for yourself, join us on the mat, then go and carry on with your da

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  • £9

  • 60 mins

Post Work Warrior

A vinyasa and hatha inspired class, flow with the breath between balancing, twisting, standing, challenging poses.

Focus your energy and concentration into your practice, let the work day melt away, reconnect to your spi

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  • £9

  • 60 mins

Soulful Warrior

Fnd your breath, reconnect with your soul and come to the moment with this strong, soulful flow.

Allow Becky to guide you thruough this strong, flowing journey of movement and breath to then relax in a soothing S

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