Reasons to be cheerful, 123

Are you looking to start something new in the coming year and decade? There are many reasons to try Yoga. Whatever your resolve or intend for yourself in 2020, Yoga can help you achieve it.

Yoga is a practice which has proven physical and mental benefits, a quick google and you will be overwhelmed by fact based, and anecdotal evidence all in strong support of how Yoga makes positive changes on how you feel, and how you see yourself.

But more than an exercise, Yoga is also a place for you to feel treated, for you to feel supported as you reward yourself with some (probably) much needed and hard earned quiet time.

So this year, dont just take my word for it, have a quick google, have a quick read, and jump in to Yoga.


Come visit Humble Warrior Yoga, Lichfield’s cutest, most hand crafted and curated Yoga space.

Your first class is free, and we have class passes and memberships which will appeal to you.

But it will be a new found love of this truly transformative practice, in this special space that will keep you coming back.

So start one thing in 2020, and achieve all of your goals, better still, figure out what you realy want to change in 2020 as you give yourself some space and time to be with yourself on the mat.

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  1. Hi. I would like to register and come along to a yoga session please. Best wishes Jann

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