Our first warrior workshop!

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I was so excited to announce recently that the wonderful Terrie Foster of Asher Yoga will be joining the Humble Warrior Yoga team SOON.

Terrie and I have been hosting events together for some time now, and Terrie has been hosting her own yoga retreats and workshops for much longer, she is a constant inspiration and a guiding hand, but more than that she is one of my closest friends.

To celebrate our friendship, our love for Yoga, and our collaboration in Humble Warrior Yoga we wanted to do something special.

We have found a breathtaking, quirky venue in the heart of Lichfield, and will be hosting a workshop guiding you through…

“The stories behind the shapes”.

Allow us to guide you through energizing Yoga flows which follow the stories of the postures as told in the Yogic ancient scriptures.

You will be treated to rare coffees, teas from the Lichfield tea company and home baked vegan treats.

Spaces are limited to ensure intimacy, Book now HERE

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