Yoga sounds cool, but…..

As a Yoga teacher, I hear all the time, I’m not flexible, I’m not strong, I’m too old, my mind is too busy.

I spend hours in classes and planning classes trying to reach and teach the next more challenging pose, the next instagram worthy hand balance. I felt like to be a good yogi and an inspriring teacher that I had to be strong and bendy and push my classes hard, make you sweat! In truth, all Ineeded was to be patient, resillient, and curious.

So when I dreamt of creating Humble Warrior Yoga, I wanted to create a safe space for your curiosity to come alive, for your patience to settle, for your abilities to flourish slowly, softly, naturally. I want you to figure out along the way what yoga is to you and why you need it. I want you to be given the space and time to have a moment of awakening each time you step onto your mat.

At Humble Warrior Yoga, you are invited to release your pre-conceptions, excuses and expectations. Asked to commit to a practice and accept that at times it will push you beyond your limits, accept that sometimes you will question your body, your breath, your abilities ask whether or not Yoga is for you.

Then we will bring you back to stillness. We will sit and settle back into our breath. Through varied, frequent practice, we will all build the resillience to learn to enjoy those moments of enquiry and doubt.

We will get up, come back, and take the next step towards our yoga.

Will we get bendy? Yes.

Will we get strong? Yes.

Will our bodies change? Yes.

Will we better handle and understand our emotions? Yes.

Are these reasons to practice yoga? Maybe. At first.

Are these the ultimate goals of our practice? Probably not after a few weeks of sticking with it, falling down and getting back on the mat.

Allow the body and mind to be manipulated by yoga, as much as the body and mind feel like they need to manipulate yoga to fit our ideas of what it should be.

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