Free pain relief sessions

Do you suffer with chronic pain?

Vicki from @Therapywithvicki has recently trained in Steven Blake’s OldPain2Go, and is now offering OldPain2Go sessions in addition to hypnosis for pain reduction/removal.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, OldPain2Go is a unique method through which many people find they can reduce or even remove old, chronic pain. It’s not hypnosis but involves a similar approach. It’s basically a way you can work with your own mind to access the part of your brain responsible for the pain signal, and you can turn the pain down or even off. OldPain2Go is very effective for getting rid of old, chronic pain – you can find lots of testimonials on YouTube if you search ‘OldPain2Go’. There’s also lots of information on the OldPain2Go website:

OldPain2Go involves one session, and you need to have been diagnosed by a qualified medical professional and have been prescribed pain medication or pain management. You don’t need to believe in the process, but you do need to WANT to lose the pain.

I am offering these sessions completely free of charge to volunteers for a limited period in February/March to enable me to practice this new technique. I am especially keen to work with people who have osteoarthritis pain or pain from an old injury as these are usually the easiest cases to work with.

If you are interested, contact Vicki directly by email:

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