Bowen Therapy Pop-Up Clinic

Do you suffer from an injury or condition which is affecting your practice? Is there a certain pose which is causing you current pain or you have stopped doing entirely?

Let Humble Warrior Yoga introduce you to Florence Amelia Bowen Therapy, Flo has already treated some of our members with fantastic results including owner Iain being able to get into Lotus pose, something which I am sure you have heard about!

What is Bowen?

The Bowen technique is a complementary soft tissue therapy which involves a series of gentle rolling moves over the muscles. It can be done either through loose clothing or directly on the skin. It is able to address a variety of conditions, from aches and pains to also internal complaints such as IBS and headaches. One of the main benefits is that it stimulates the body’s own healing response which in turn makes aims to rebalance and relax the body.

The pop up clinic will be run from the studio and will start on Monday’s from 16th March 2020, slots available from 2:15pm. The last appointment finish time will be at 6pm in time for the evening Yoga class at 6:30pm.

To enquire more about this therapy and how it could help to free your pain and increase your overall wellness contact Flo on 07876 467106 or find her on IG @florenceameliabowen

You can also speak to Iain in your next class about his own experience with the therapy from Flo.

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