The Warrior Way

Here at Humble Warrior Yoga, we do things the Warrior Way, and we make it simple, and straight forward for you to do the same.

Life can be complicated enough, and Yoga should provide the ultimate antidote to the stresses of our other lives, so when you visit us, we give you all you need to let the woes and troubles of the other world melt away.

We have your mat, all the props you need, free, fresh, filtered water, a re-useable water bottle, towels on request, posh cordial, tea, coffee, and our undivided attention for the time you spend with us before, during and after class.

Our classes are suitable for all levels, and we love bringing the joy of Yoga to beginners, and advanced yogis alike.

Our website is bespoke and designed by us to make even that part of your Yoga class simple, elegant, satisfyingly simple.

We charge the same price for all our classes. and we are soon going to offer you memberships and class passes making it even easier to book, visit and practice with us..

Being a Humble Warrior, living the Warrior Way goes beyond the mat, it’s about building a community, in our beautiful space. So,

Come for the Yoga, Stay for a cuppa.

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