That’s a wrap!

I want to say a huge thank you to our wonderful teachers Laura, Kim and Becky who have all adapted and learned how to deliver their own special formula of Yoga to you all through varied mediums through successive lockdowns.

We have broadcast and recorded well over 100 yoga classes since we first took our studio online, and whilst these will remain online for you to enjoy, we will not be adding to those classes in the future.

Humble Warrior Yoga is not an online yoga studio, and we are all so happy to be back doing what we love with you in the space.

We hope that you have all enjoyed practicing with us in our own homes, but we are also very happy to be leading classes in the studio again and we hope that you feel ready to come back to the studio and join us on the mat again.

Our online classes will continue this week but from Monday 02nd August we will not be recording or broadcasting live classes again.

See you soon Humble Warrior.

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