Happy Birthday to us!

On 6th July, 2019 I was exhausted, excited, and anxious. I had been awake for most of the night, working through to the morning to make sure we had a studio space that was ready to welcome you all.
Our first open day was a huge success, most all of our classes were full, and the feedback was great. By the end of the day I was humbled, and proud of what was being created.
12 months on, I remain proud and excited.
What Humble Warrior Yoga has become has already gone beyond what I hoped. In 12 months, we have grown into an incredible society. A small community of likeminded souls who needed a space to be and breathe. Humble Warrior Yoga is growing into that space. Even through these challenging times, I am buoyed by your warmth and kindness, your desire to stay present and connected – and I’m determined to keep accommodating your energy, your love of your practice, and your spiritual growth.

So whilst I may be sat writing this note on the sofa, instead of in the studio preparing to share a celebration with you all, I am happy that you will all receive and read this. I remain happy as I know that before long, we will be back together, we will be hugging, and breathing, and settling back into ourselves. And I cannot wait.

When ae do come back together, there will be a few short-term changes. These are intended to keep us all safe.

1. There will be no changing facilities.
2. The use of props will be limited.
3. Class sizes will shrink, but we may run more classes.
4. There will be an in door, and an out door.
5. You will need to bring and remain with your own equipment (water bottles/mugs/yoga props where possible)
6. Anything borrowed from the studio must be cleaned at the end of your class.
7. Masks will be available for your use in the studio or you may use your own.

Going beyond the lifting of restrictions, Humble Warrior Yoga will continue to grow. As will what we offer. As we transition into our second, stronger year, our mission, ethos, and purpose will change and grow. I will shortly be asking you all some questions, and these questions will help guide and inform our studio direction, I will create, write, and invite you all to contribute to the Humble Warrior mission statement, and we will make yoga just a small part of what we do, enjoy and indulge ourselves with at the studio.

Yoga is more than a shape, it’s a state of mind. It’s a way of life, it’s a pathway to the best you in any moment. So we will focus on how we can expand our understanding of how we flourish through philosophy and learning. We will continue to stretch our bodies, but in year 2, we will start to also stretch our mind.

I’m excited to work with you all, I’m proud of our little family, and I cannot wait to grow bigger, better, stronger and more resilient as individuals and as a team.

This week, classes will continue as normal, online only, but as from Thursday I am taking a short break, and will be away for a week or so. Whilst I recollect and reconnect, I will be planning how we move forward and ensuring that when we do reopen, I am ready to hit the ground running and am best able to hold space for you, I will be travelling with my mat, and camera, so I may surprise you with an international class – but these will be announced in advance.

Thank you all for your continued support, patronage, patience and strength.
Stay safe Humble warrior. See you soon.

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  1. Iain, I am so honoured to be part of the amazing community that you have envisioned, crafted and held safe through some incredibly rocky times.

    I am so excited to have the prospect of being back in the studio to spur me on to a deeper personal practice, which despite your fabulous legacy of video classes has sometimes felt challenging.

    The temporary inconvenience re props, mats, equipment is just that; transitory. It will not stop the momentum that builds behind shared mindsets, passion and creativity.

    So I wish a Happy Birthday to all at Humble Warriors and love, light and hope to all who journey together


    Katy 🙏

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