Wushi Warrior

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Yin Yoga

Use Yin Yoga to discover a stillness, that leads to openness.

This slow class targets the less stretchy tissues in the body by using props to support the body, Yin Yoga challenges us to harness the power patience and stillness to unlock the power of determination and resolve.

Flexibility is built in the bodies connective tissues, in Yin we gently stress these tissues to open out bodies and settle our minds.

A true work out for body and mind where no sweat is needed.

Suitable for all levels.

Cancellation Policy: As a small yoga space it is important that we enable all of our warriors to practice equally and fairly. As such we do not offer cancellations of classes to avoid mat space being reserved and unused So please only book a mat space if you know you can attend the class.

Class Information

  • £9

  • 60 mins

  • Tuesday (08:00 PM), Thursday (08:00 PM)

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