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Be guided through a mat based class which focuses on the deep core & stabilising muscles in a challenging yet safe way.

Pilates is a set of low-impact exercises performed in standing, seated & lying position, the practice is be guided by the principles of Pilates which are, concentration on precise, flowing movements & a steady, controlled breath, meaning that each exercise is performed in a slow and controlled manner, Pilates is a great compliment to other Yoga & other forms of training in your weekly schedule.

As with all Humble Warrior classes, Our Pilates classes are non-competitive & suitable for any age or fitness ability.

Cancellation Policy: As a small yoga space it is important that we enable all of our warriors to practice equally and fairly. As such we do not offer cancellations of classes to avoid mat space being reserved and unused So please only book a mat space if you know you can attend the class.

Class Information

  • £9

  • 60 mins

  • Monday

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